Our Story

Our mission is to change food for good by growing impossible produce in impossible places.

We produce seasonal crops all year round through Controlled Environment Agriculture.

We believe everyone should have easy access to a sustainable life. We make sustainability convenient for all by creating produce that’s good for you, good for the environment and good for your city

We only grow the best tasting, healthiest produce that’s 100% clean, free of pesticides and environmental pollutants.

Our process is sustainable from start to finish. We use 95% less water than traditional farming and use technology to ensure that our energy consumption stays lower than industry standards. By growing locally, we aim to lessen carbon emissions for a happier healthier earth.

We grow local, we employ locals, we support local communities.

Team Good

A passion for nutrition and the environment runs through the Sustenir team. Every single member brings something to the table, so only the freshest greens of superior quality and taste make it to yours.